Membership Attendance & Code of Conduct

As members of the Westlake Village Swim Team (WVST), we am part of a swimming organization that believes teamwork, integrity, respect and good sportsmanship are more important than winning. Each swimmer signs a Membership Attendance & Code of Conduct as part of their registration, agreeing to follow the rules for behavior and sportsmanship while a member of the WVST.  The following behavior guidelines state the principles WVST expects all members to demonstrate and uphold:

Membership Attendance and Conduct Requirements

  1. Swimmers are expected to attend all practices and meets. Swimmers will inform the Coach in writing by Tuesday prior to a meet of any expected absence. This way the team will be able to compensate for their absence.
  2. Swimmers who miss three (3) practices in a given week without an excuse will be ineligible to participate in the following Saturday’s meet. The Coach will determine any exceptions.
  3. Swimmers who practice with a USA Swimming team during the summer are required to make at least one WVST practice each week. On the days they do practice with their USS club, they will be excused from the Waves practice. USA Swimming practice attendance will be verified by the Coach to ensure that each and every swimmer trains for each meet.
  4. Members’ conduct will at all times be in accordance with the pool rules and any additional rules the Coach deems necessary for the orderly operation of the swim team.
  5. All swimmers are expected to follow the oral direction of any coach at any time, and at no time will disrespectful attitudes be tolerated from any swimmer. It is important that the coaching staff’s relationship with the swimmers be that of direct control. When a coach is working with swimmers, it is important that he/she have the swimmer’s undivided attention at all times. When a coach signals for silence, that signal is to be complied with immediately. If a child fails to demonstrate this ability of self-control, that child will be removed from the workout situation.
  6. Swimmers are never to enter the swimming pool without a coach being present on the pool deck. While in the pool, swimmers are to remain against the wall, never playing in the lane. The only time a swimmer will be allowed to be away from the wall is when swimming a given distance or when instructed by a coach (i.e. practicing turns). Swimmers will not be allowed to walk on the bottom of the pool unless something is wrong (i.e. a leg cramp or a feeling of dizziness).
  7. The use of profanity, verbal abuse, or physical abuse towards another person will not be tolerated at any time.
  8. The Coach has final decision authority on all matters pertaining to the operation of the team. The findings of the WVST Executive Board will be final in all disputes.
  9. In the event that the coach deems it necessary to remove a swimmer from the team, he/she will present the proposed action to the WVST Executive Board for approval. Upon Board approval, the swimmer and parent will be notified in writing of this action.